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001. TAMATAR KA - SHORBA  5.00

A refreshing tomato soup subtly flavored with fresh herbs & spices 

002. JHINGA SHORBA  5.00

Shrimp in a cinnamon-lemon broth flavored with fresh cilantro  


003. Aloo Bharvan  9.00

Potatoes with a savory stuffing of raisins & cashews

004. Pickled Mushrooms  9.00

Mushrooms marinated in spicy pickling seasonings & roasted in the clay oven 

oo5. Samosa   6.00

Crispy hand stuffed dumplings filled with potatoes, peas, cashews 

006. Vegetable Pakora  6.00

Assorted rich & savory vegetable fritters

007. Paneer Tikka  9.00

An exotic indian flavored home made cottage cheese kabob for vegetarians

008. Aloo Papri Chat  7.00

A light, refreshing mixture of crisps, potatoes & chick peas in a tamarind sauce

Non - Veg.

Non - Vegetarian Starters

009. Crab Masala  11.00

Tender, fresh flaked crab meat gently cooked with onions, tomato & fresh coriander leaves 

010. Tandoori Shrimp  11.00

King shrimp marinated in yogurt, ginger & mace, cooked in the clay oven

011. Fish Tikka  11.00

Cubes of salmon fillet marinated in yogurt & spices with a subtle flavor of ajwain & cinnamon

012. Karare Quails  12.00

Delicate quails cooked to perfection in the clay oven

013. Lamb Seek  10.00

Skewered rolls of tender, spiced ground lamb, cooked in the clay oven 

014. Chicken Malai Kabob  9.00

Boneless chicken breast marinated in ginger & garlic, flavored with cardamom & cinnamon, cooked to melt in your mouth tenderness in the clay oven

015. Haryali Tikka  9.00

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in mint & coriander & cooked to perfection in the clay oven

016. Achari Kabob 9.00

Chicken pieces marinated in pickle seasoning enough to tickle your palate, & cooked to juicy tenderness in the clay oven

017. Sharabi Kabob  9.00

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in special spices & cooked in the clay oven

018. Macchi Amritsar  10.00

Lightly spiced & marinated in special spices & cooked in the clay oven

019. Chicken Reshmi Kabob  9.00

Tender rolls of minced chicken enriched with royal cumin, cinnamon & green coriander, cooked to tender perfection

020. Chicken Pakora  8.00

Delicately deep fried chicken breast with mild spices served with a special house sauce. An excellent introduction to Indian flavors



All entrees are served with aromatic basmati rice

021. Shrimp Kandhari  20.00

Jumbo shrimp marinated in a traditional style 

023. Sikandari Raan  22.00

Leg of Lab delicately marinated in rum, cinnamon & aromatic spices

022. Tandoori Salmon   20.00

Sweet fillet of salmon spiced & flavored with special sauces

024. Lamb Chops  20.00

Tender lamb chops marinated in fresh ginger & garlic, cooked to your taste. A Favorite!

025. Mal - Mal Kabob  17.00

Tender rolls of ground chicken & freshly ground spices, roasted to perfection

028. Tandoori Chicken  17.00

Half of a chicken marinated with yogurt & spices & roasted until tender - the Indian Barbecue!

030. Chicken Tikka  17.00

Boneless morsels of Chicken Marinated in Yogurt and spices

027. Boti Kabob   18.00

Boneless lamb medallions marinated with yogurt, ginger & garlic & roasted to melting tenderness 

029. Malai Kabob  18.00

A larger portion of our tender boneless chicken breast marinated in ginger, garlic & flavored with cardamom & cinnamon

031. Grilled Vegetables  15.00 

Our special Tandoori of hand selected vegetables served hot on a bed of greens with pineapple & tomatoes

New!  Paneer Tikka Masala   17.00 

An Exotic Mint Flavored Homemade cottage Cheese Kabob

032.  Chicken Makani   17.00

Tender morsels of chicken roasted in the clay oven & tossed in a rich creamy spiced tomato sauce. Unquestionably the most loved delicacy in Northern India

034. Chicken Kali Mirch  17.00

A tangy chicken curry cooked with freshly ground black peppercorns 

036. Chicken Shahi Korma   17.00

Tender chicken in a silky creamy sauce flavored with cardamom & tossed with dried fruits & nuts

038. Chicken Saagwala  17.00

Boneless pieces of chicken sautéed with sweet tender spinach & enchanted with aromatic spices

033. Chicken Tikka Masala  17.00

The most popular Indian dish, cooked in a mild spiced tomato onion gravy with green peppers, onions & fresh cilantro 

035. Chicken Vindaloo  17.00

Famously hot spiced pieces of tender chicken cooked with potatoes in a tangy sauce garnished with fresh cilantro

037. Kadai Chicken   17.00  

Chicken sautéed in an Indian wok with hot & green peppers & a blend of spices 

039.  Hot Jaipuri Chicken   17.00

A specialty from our Chef's hometown - boneless chicken cooked in a fiery sauce with cauliflower, tomatoes, green peppers & garnished with cilantro & peanuts 


Fish and Seafood Entrees

040. Shrimp Bhuna  18.00

Shrimp tossed in an Indian wok with freshly ground spices & herbs

042. Shrimp Vindaloo  18.00

Jumbo Shrimp cooked in a Fiery sauce with potatoes & garnished with ginger & cilantro

044. Fish Malabar  18.00

Fish cooked with a tangy mustard sauce, fresh tomatoes & herbs

041. Shrimp Korma  18.00

Shrimp cooked in the Chef's special creamy korma sauce with fresh cilantro leaves

043. Methi Machli  18.00

Fish cooked in Fenugreek leaves - a specialty of the Chef's 

045. Gulnar Jalpari  19.00

Fish fillet marinated in a coconut pepper sauce & simmered over a slow fire then garnished with fried green chilies & cilantro

Lamb and Goat Entrees

Lamb and Goat Entrees

046. Lamb Kachi Mirchwala  18.00

A delicate lamb dish cooked in a creamy but hot green chili & peppercorn curry

048. Lamb Saagwala  18.00

Tender pieces of lamb sautéed with fresh spinach - A Northern Indian Specialty

050. Lamb Rogen Josh  18.00

Lamb cubes cooked with onion, tomatoes & yogurt spiced with the Chef's special mix & garnished with cilantro

052. Lamb Kadai  18.00

Succulent chunks of lamb tossed in an Indian wok with bell peppers, red chilies, ginger & special spices, garnished with cilantro 

047. Lamb Korma   18.00

Tender chunks of lamb cooked in a special silky korma sauce & garnished with dried fruits & nuts

049. Lal Maas  18.00

Special of Rajasthan - mutton cooked in a special tangy sauce garnished w/ ginger & cilantro

051. Lamb Vindaloo  18.00

The fiery hot dish from Goa made with our succulent lamb in a tangy sauce

053. Goat kadai  18.00

Fresh cut goat meat with bone cooked over a slow fire with ginger, hot & green peppers, garnished with cilantro

054. Achari Goat   18.00

Tender goat with the bone cooked in a pickling such reduction & garnished with cilantro & fried green chilies

Vegetarian Entrees

Vegetarian Entrees 

055. Nourattan Korma  16.00

Mixed vegetables cooked to tenderness in a creamy sauce  with dried nuts & garnished with sliced almonds

057. Bhindi Masala  14.00

Fresh crispy okra tossed with onions & spices & sprinkled with fresh cilantro - an excellent  introduction to a vegetable loved around the world

059. Sarson Ka Saag  14.00

Mustard greens cooked Punjabi style & garnished with ginger & cilantro 

061. Kadai Paneer  16.00

A semidry & colorful dish of homemade cottage cheese cooked in an indian wok with green bell peppers & tomatoes, garnished with ginger & cilantro 

063. Paneer Makani  16.00  

Tender cubes of homemade cottage cheese cooked in a rich creamy tomato sauce 

065. Saag Paneer  16.00

Homemade cottage cheese cooked with sweet tend

067. Baingen Bhartha  14.00

Buttery bread & ground eggplant  lightly sauteed with onions , tomatoes & aromatic spices, garnished with cilantro 

069. Dal Makhani  14.00

Soft black lentils harmoniously combined with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and simmered over night on a charcoal fire & flavored with butter, garnished with cilantro 

056. Gobi Masala  14.00

Diced sweet cauliflower gently cooked with onions, tomatoes & freshly ground spices

058. Kadai Cholley  14.00

Chickpeas cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, spices and garnished with cilantro - a favorite with the Chef's family 

060. Palak Bhutta  14.00

A flavorful combination of fresh spinach & corn cooked with ginger & fenugreek leaves

062. Malai Kofta Lajwab  16.00

Sweet & tender vegetable & cottage cheese balls cooked in a mild tomato & onion sauce with fresh cilantro 

064. Aloo Zeera  14.00

Savory potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, onion, tomatoes & ginger, garnished with Cilantro 

066. Vegetable Jalfrezi   14.00

Fresh vegetables cooked with onion, tomatoes, bells peppers, fresh ground spices & sprinted with fresh cilantro 

068. Mattar Paneer  16.00

Tender green peas & homemade cottage cheese cooked in a special savory curry sauce 

070. Dal Pachrangi  14.00

A colorful melange of lentils cooked with cumin seeds, garlic & fresh chopped cilantro leaves 



071. Basmati Rice Pulao  5.00

Naturally aromatic long grain rice, cooked with the Chef's special touch. An excellent accompaniment to our flavorful dishes

073. Kashmiri Pulao   7.00

Fragrant saffron flavored basmati rice cooked with sweet dried fruits 

072. Lemon Rice   6.00

Basmati rice sautéed with mustard seeds & flavored with turmeric & lemon

074. Biryani   18.00

Aromatic basmati rice slow cooked over a low fire with special spices & herbs. Tossed with your choice of lamb, goat, chicken or shrimp garnished with saffron & mint. Served with cool raita (cucumber yogurt sauce)

075. Vegetable Biryani   16.00

Basmati rice cooked with tender seasonal vegetables & served with our cool raita



076. Jalebi Parantha

076. Jalebi Parantha  5.00

A multilayered white flour flat bread baked in our tandoor

A multilayered white flour flat bread baked in our tandoor

078. Tandoori Parantha  5.00

Multilayered whole wheat bread baked in our tandoor

080. Onion Kulcha  5.00

Soft onion stuffed flat bread from our tandoor 

082. Naan   4.00

crispy white flour bread baked in our tandoor

084. Tandoor Roti   4.00

An unleavened whole wheat flat bread baked in our tandoor 

077. Pudina Prantha 5.00

Minted whole wheat multilayered bread baked in our tandoor

079. Aloo Parantha   5.00

A rich potato stuffed flat bread baked in our tandoor 

081. Paneer Kulcha  5.00

Soft cottage cheese stuffed tandoor flat bread

083. Garlic Naan  5.00

Our crispy white flour bread baked in our tandoor & topped with garlic 

085. Roomali Roti   5.00

A delicate bread made from white flour & baked on a special upside-down wok - thin as an handkerchief

086. Bread Basket  10.00

A combination of three house favorites - naan, onion, kulcha & parantha



087. Fresh Garden Salad  5.00

Garden  fresh cucumber & greens salad

089.  Raita  4.00

A cool yogurt sauce made with cucumber & roasted cumin, garnished with fresh cilantro - an excellent companion to our spicy dishes

091. Achar  2.00

088. Papad  2.00

Crispy baked Indian crackers in masala & plain flavors 

090. Mango Chutney  3.00

A sweet & spicy preserve made with fresh mangoes

A spicy hot homemade pickle 


092. Mango Lassi 5.00

093. Sweet Lassi  5.00

094. Masala Lassi  5.00

095. Salted Lassi   5.00

096. Mango Shake   5.00

097. Juice   4.00 - mango, orange, pineapple, tomato & cranberry

098. Soda  2  - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale


099. Kheer  5.00

A cold Indian style rice pudding, flavored with cardamom

100. Rasmali  5.00

Sweet spongy cottage cheese dumpling flavored with cardamom in a sweet sauce 

Sweet spongy cottage cheese dumpling flavored with cardamom in a sweet sauce 

101. Gulab Jamun  5.00

A light warm pastry made from milk & soaked in honey 

102. Kulfi  5.00

A rich Homemade Indian pistachio ice cream 

103. Ice Cream  5.00

Mango, Banilla, Pistachio, Chocolate, Strawberry

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